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The harbour,
Margate, Kent, England, ca.1897


Margate, ENG UK

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United Kingdom
Kingdom of Thailand

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London / Bangkok

Status: [ JUNE 2022 ]
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"As far as I'm concerned, it's a damned shame that a field as potentially dynamic & vital as design has been overrun with advertising dullards, corporate bums, wasted hacks; hag-ridden with myopia, apathy, corporeal complacence & generally stuck in a bog of stagnant mediocrity.






The Long 84: Radical Design & Reactionary 𝒶∂𝓿e𝐑𝔱𝔦ⓢเ𝐧g


David has been a multi-disciplined visual communicator for +15 years, working with high profile agencies, global corporations, startups, art collectives & independents. Recent projects include a focus on solidarity with independent unions & workers co-ops. Inspired by activist artists, rebel economists, culture jammers, folk heroes & cyberpunk futurists. You will find him always thinking about purpose, disrupting the disruptors, targeting agencies that work with highly polluting clients & writing a dystopian psy-faction novel — armed with a hundred thousand words in type, endless poems, many hats & rhyming his way through life in an archaic style with a spirit for connecting the dots around 21st-century economics, art ✗ design & the third culture; also known as the edge

He shares the same birthday as Blake & the Queen Anne’s Revenge — leading a double life as a subvertiser & tee merchant

Dee comes with a long history of toxic brands, having infiltrated the top 50 advertising & service design agencies in London since 2006. An activist all his life, but drawn into a life of corporate crime from an early age. ‘The years flew by like tomorrows rye’ & the activist beats inside his soul rage on – the belly of the beast; all-out metamemetic insurrection — ideas so timely, systemic & profound that a sane sustainable future is unthinkable without them. He can lead creative armies, tame the demon, even talk the most corporate of CEO into a subvertising brief – & is now seeking a friendly team of rebels who think along the same lines & resonate with those who understand this calling of our time

The rest can take a break & join the great resignation 

Join us as we take down Big Tech. Clean up the toxic areas of our mental environment. Reverse the upward flow of wealth. Punish every corporation that betrays the public trust. Hold corrupt politicians accountable. Wake up a thoughtless, complacent culture. Fight the psychological takeover of the all-seeing advertising–surveillance industry. Quit following & retweeting . . . start thinking, speaking & acting for ourselves. Our aim is to catalyze a sudden unexpected moment of truth, a stunning reversal of perspective — a global mind shift — from which the corpo-consumerist forces never fully recover. Join us . . . & fuck up every system that keeps you from living your dreams.

Disruption is not about making loads of money from the newest, most ‘disruptive’ technology out there, it’s not about winning customers, clicks & clients.

Disruption is about toppling old industries
& making radical change.


Consulting & Collaboration
Activism & Climate Design
Visual Research & Development
Aesthetics & Visual Language
XR & Cross Reality Experiences
User Interface & Interaction
Service Design Thinking & Tools
Design Ops & Project Management

Branded Content / Rapid Prototyping / Brand Strategy / Social Strategy / Production Studio / Integrated Campaigns / Full-stack Development / Media Planning / Brand Activations / Quality Assessment / Brand Design & Identity / Experiential Marketing / Measurement & Analytics

— diverse skillset ranges: a history of ideas, art directing early-stage startups, leading design in cross-functional teams at innovation-led agencies, creating International Creative Campaigns & Multi-Platform Interactive Experiences

— the primary directive is purpose; combating the apathy towards values in design that has previously dominated the industry. Aligning with industry insiders who are working to reshape the creative field to tackle climate change. Rejecting (or rewiring) briefs that fail to meet the challenges & championing projects that have a beneficial ecological impact. Using lasting & democratic forms of communication. Holding wayward corporations to account. Even wild visions, like a paradigm shift towards a #truecost marketplace of the future; where the price of every product tells the ecological truth

— dedicated to projects that converge on radical change, ethical design, cultural interventions, education, medicine, public awareness, conservation, social impact campaigns, fundraising, nonprofits, journalism, information design, humanitarian aid & committed to providing access to professional design for those who couldn’t otherwise afford it, but would benefit immensely from its application. If you are an unfunded activist group, mutual aid network or radical libertarian project, I will work with you for zerofee



Freelance History
& Rare Press

2006 – present

Only various honourable outfits more recently. But plenty of organised crime syndicates in the past & more than a few straight-up criminal corporations.

Networks, Non-profits, Startups / Various Businesses
Freelance Independent

Art Disrupt / Comms Declare Fossil Ad Ban / CODEFC / Brandalism The Drum, Campaign, AdWeek, It’s Nice That / Adbusters – Various Art & Verse / AdFreeCities / NoSweat.org.uk / Clean Clothes Campaign / Coral Sea Foundation / Sobah / Good Beer Co. / Nimit Nation (Metaverse) / Aspect Works HK DL / John Lowin DL / Manything DL / PACS Animal Care For Strays (Volunteer) TH / The Planet Calls (Volunteer) IRE CAD / Content Brats CAD / Moving Water Alliance (Volunteer) SA CAD / Community Finance NZ / Tula Developments TH PT / WeAreNativ DL / European Bartender School TH / Siamese Projects TH DD / Dark Horse Empire TH PTR / Autotech TH PTR / Thai Red Cross Society TH / Bootleg Brothers Brewing Co. TH DD / Neptune PR DD / FFSI Foundation For Sports Integrity DD / Rover Travel AUS PT / Glenelg Golf Club AUS / First Contact WW PTR / Numadic / DCCPER IN&CA DD / WeAreREP DD / Elements CBD PTR / Kamala Healing Centre TH / Lockdown Festival / Oikos Ecological (Volunteer) IN / Kitty’s Kombucha / The People’s Voice Internet TV station / Gaping Void (2014 Email Feature) / TLC / RealRootsRadio / Cardboardboss Collective


Advertising & Service Design Agencies, Multinationals, Dirty Dozen Brands & Charities
Freelance Contract

OOH (Indept. NTKB) / Mesoestetic Pharma Group (Dermalink) (Indept.) TH DL / Amed Clinic (Indept.) TH DL / TheTin / Sky Creative (Indept.) / COPA90 (Indept.) / Archipelago Brewery (Heineken Asia Pacific) (Indept.) DL / Volkswagen Financial Services (Indept.) DL / Fjord & Accenture / iD Experiential (Indept.) / IncrediBull / Weapon7 (Indept.) DLCampaign  / Hometown (Truant) (Indept.) DL / RGA / Isobar Dentsu / AKQA / VMLY&R DL / Saint / Saatchi & Saatchi / Publicis Chemistry / Holler / McCann Erickson / Holler / TBG Digital / CNN (Turner Broadcasting System) (Indept.) DL / Langland (Fulltime) / FRUKT / Myspace (Indept.) / Lycos (Indept.) / Rainmaker (Indept.) / Momentum Worldwide (Fulltime) / Universal McCann Runner / Mother Runner

Hydrogen Sportswear / Zenith Energy / PWC / Adidas / Alamy / Anthony Nolan Charity / RedBull DL / Nike/ Uber / Heineken / Etihad / VW / RBS 6 Nations / Lloyds / Rekorderlig / Severn Trent Water / Marks & Spencer / Unilever  / Skype / Swatch DL / Kopperberg DL / Bacardi, Bombay Sapphire & Grey Goose DL / Vodafone / RAC / Christies / Orange & T-Mobile (EE) / Pfizer / Bayer / AstraZeneca / Novocure / Windows Mobile / Eurosport DL / Castrol / Converse / Coca-Cola / Oxfam Charity / Various Others


Key: Design Partner PTR | Creative Art Director CAD | Design Director DD | Design Lead DL| Visual Designer

Tech Stack
Core stuff I use most days & nights

Adobe CC
Cinema 4D

Nice things mateys said

Network / Education Systems Comparison

The Good.

FTFM Manifesto
Republished three times in an effort to combat a complacent industry & probably the most important document in modern design history
1964 2000 ‘14 ’20

Creatives for Climate
Activist creatives practicing radical collaboration to drive meaningful change.
2022 – Present

Adfree Cities
A network of groups resisting billboards & corporate outdoor advertising
2020 – Present

Clean Creatives
Bringing together leading agencies, their employees, and clients to address the ad and PR industry’s work with fossil fuels
2021 – Present

Past, Present & Future
2021 – Present

Climate Designers
Providing the knowledge, skills & professional network for designers to take climate action
2021 – Present

Dog Section Press
Book Thrower
2018 – Present

DOPE  Newspaper
Reader / Patron
2018 – Present

Adbusters Media Foundation
Reader / Writer to
2001 – Present

α яєνσℓт αgαιиѕт тнє ¢σяρσяαтє ¢σитяσℓ σf ¢υℓтυяє αи∂ ѕρα¢є.
2021 – Present

тнє νєяу вα∂ & υgℓу.

Judge Dread: Olde Blood
’07 – Present [ Unofficial & Luvin’ it ]
Advertisers should be banned from creative education. But Design & Advertising Direction hand out speculative briefs celebrating consumption to students from the biggest polluters out there, Burger King, Disney, Volkswagen you name it & Devils & Advertising Directors have been their advocates. They award the most toxic brands & advertising agencies in the lands multiple times, sticking pencils up their arses for corporate targets while claiming to be some kind of respectable charity. Mateys, they are about as charitable as a nail in a f’bankers coffin. The leadership at D&AD must be challenged & drop their commitments to celebrating consumption, stop awarding corporate criminals & quit focusing their program on briefs from big polluters. Burger King became the most awarded brand of 2020 thanks to D&AD. They champion filthy rich multinational companies instead of solidarity with the financially challenged across the world who need creative support. They are loaded with advertising agencies who work with fossil fuel monsters & clients who invest in weapons. They endorse the corporatisation of design instead of holding corporations to any kind of account. They consistently fail to answer the call to help those who actually need support from the creative community & they have plugged the corporate capitalist agenda since 1962. They are a disgrace to the whole design industry. They bloody hand out golfer’s glass to the corporate creative class like random apple tarts.

“I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, sex, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me”. — HST

Graphic Communications
BA Hons. [ 2:2 ]
2004 – 2007
When I was there the course was rotten to the core, like hanging around a corpse at lectures. Turning creative folks into an industry hoax, sending designers to polluted advertising factories like D&AD. An expensive & badly delivered design education, I got a sweet as fuck 2:2 degree classification diploma in Graphic Communications. My final major was called ‘Wish I Was Green’ & in the end I was, I wanted to vomit all over my project but they took a liking to my typography & entered me into D&AD. Memories of endless debts & a bankrupt student union while the government continues to bail out banks & renew trident every year. But I got smashed, high as a kite & met the best mates of my life. One night I even got nailed by my course leader the same day she had given me an [ F ] – was it the guilt or the cocaine, maybe both. I didn’t attend the graduation ceremony & moved to London with a clear understanding of why the corporatisation of everyday life has poisoned the education systems of young creative tribes.

Skillset / Agenda

Ethnography & Empathy
Philanthropy & Critical Thinking
Research & Creative Strategy
Service Design Thinking
Personas, Identities & Source
Information Architecture & Flow
Memetics & Cultural Evolution
Treasure Trails, Guide & Cryptics

Graphic Identity Development
Design Systems & Patterns
Digital, Printed & New Media
Rapid Prototyping & Devices
Narrative, Grid, Layout & Escape
The Lost Logos, Words & Symbols
A History Of Ideas & Connections
Future Realities & Spiritual Techno


I’ve seen things …


Birthday Card from David Berman
— Author of Do Good Design

Videos of Night

Critical Theory

A Jester’s Guide to Creative See[k]ing Across Disciplines
By Diane Rosen — January 2012

Read more

For many centuries and in many cultures, jesters recited tales of heroic exploits. But they did more than simply recount past events–they amused, cajoled, and spun tales that transported listeners to the edge of mysterious, unmapped territories. Through the transformative power of play and the imagination they reworked what was already understood, and created from it new realities that transcended the established order. The author maintains that such imaginative play is vital to creativity in any medium and is fundamental for optimal human development. She explores possibilities for cultivating creativity through the playful, paradoxical stance of the jester–a serendipitous and purposeful, strange and familiar, disruptive and productive figure. Her discussion, grounded in a visual-arts practice that leverages uncertainty and randomness, considers the role of play in light of its wider implications for knowledge and creativity.

At What Cost?
By Adfree CitiesJune 2021

The impacts of advertising and consumerism on human, community and planetary well-being

Read more

Despite the advertising industry’s increasingly desperate efforts to distract us from the reality behind their shiny slogans, more and more of us are waking up to the colossal damage being done by the cult of consumerism. We are realising that far from being a benign or even neutral presence in our lives, big brand advertising has profound and far-reaching consequences for our individual, collective and planetary health. Advertising claims to help us to make choices. But in truth it does the opposite of that, using highly sophisticated techniques to manipulate us into buying more and more stuff. We’re all affected by advertising, whether we like it or not. By accepting this we can start to find ways to address the hold that advertising has over us, and steer ourselves onto a better path. At What Cost? will prove to be an essential companion on this path. Elizabeth Harrop’s thoroughly researched and meticulously referenced guide tackles the big problems with advertising in a new and bold way, using the framework of international human rights law. Harrop brings together evidence on the multiple rights violations perpetrated by advertising and associated excessive consumption, and shows why we should all be paying much more attention to the pervasiveness of advertising in our lives.

Do Good Design
By David B. Berman FGDC, R.G.D. — January 2009
With a foreword by Erik Spiekermann

How Designers Can Change The World

Read more

How does design help choose presidents? How has design thinking positioned the world’s most valuable companies? Why does the U.S. economy struggle to compete? Why do we really have an environmental crisis? Design matters. Like never before. Design creates so much of what we see, what we use, and what we experience. In a time of unprecedented environmental, social, and economic crises, designers must choose what their young profession will be about: inventing deceptions that encourage more consumption – or helping repair the world. This book alerts us to the role design plays in persuading global audiences to fulfill invented needs. The book then outlines a sustainable approach to both the practice and the consumption of design. All professionals will be inspired by the message of how we can feel better and do better while holding onto our principles. In a time where anything has become possible, design thinking offers a way forward for us all. Today, everyone is a designer. And the future of civilization is our common design project.

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