Another Human History

The case of fads have always been a part of our cultural landscape.

I:I     By Perry Rowe — UAR subvertising the city app. By Brandalism. You snap away at your most hated averts across the city & we will tag them with takeovers.

I.II      To reflect this approach, 3 Points is a three zine publication which includes a system of typographic experiments and interpretations that inform the reader of common characteristics of a fad.

I.III     Successfully passed the International Society of Typographic Designers Student Assessment 2017.

3 Points is a three zine publication designer by Perry Rowe


Perry is a designer with a particular interest in Branding and Creative Direction. He likes to stay curious and explore outside the world of graphic design to seek inspiration, bend rules and expand the brief.  He has been gaining experience by undertaking internships, worked on freelance and personal projects, as well as studying Graphic Design at the Arts University of Bournemouth.


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